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How to do Awareness Through Movement Lessons

These lessons are not exercises, they are movement practices.  How you do them, how you bring awareness to your experience, will determine what you get from them. If you have any health problems please consult with your health care practitioner before doing any of these lessons.  Though they are very gentle, some lessons may not be beneficial for you.

Organizing Your Back, Neck, and Pelvis for
Greater Freedom of Movement

Returning Movement to the Base of the Neck (A6)
This lesson brings awareness to the area where upper back and spine meet the base of the neck. It can help in finding balance while standing and walking and help connect the movement of our arms to the movement of the spine.
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Bringing Movement to Your Sternum and Ribs to
Free Your Back and Relieve Joint Pain

Returning Movement to your Sternum (B1)
Returning Movement to your Sternum (B1)
Restricted movement in your chest prevents movement of your ribs which often results in neck and lower back pain and dysfunctional use of the joints of the arms and legs. Returning movement to your sternum can open up locked up emotional experiences, so proceed with care.

Freeing Your Jaw, Eyes, Mouth, and Neck

The Relationship of Jaw, Tongue, Neck, and Pelvis (C3)
The Relationship of Jaw, Tongue, Neck, and Pelvis (C3)
This lesson can help you bring attention to the movements of your jaw and tongue and how they relate to freedom of movement of your neck and pelvis.

Coordinating Your Legs, Feet, Hips, and Balance

Frog Legs (D1)
Frog Legs (D1)
This is a great lesson to help integrate the movement of legs, spine, and hips.

Flexible Knees (D13)
Flexible Knees (D13)
Knee pain is often caused by restricted movement of one's spine, ribs, abdomen, and sternum.  This lesson frees movement in those areas so that your knees can move with greater ease.  Take note that much of the lesson takes place on your hands and knees, if you have an issues with your wrists it might be best to choose another lesson.

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