Wednesday Meditation

Four Thoughts Course

7 Classes over 10 weeks
June 5, June 12
July 3,10, 24, 31
August 7

Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 pm

Gail Gustafson & Jeff Bickford

To register:  Read the links below, then email Gail Gustafson

This course is for the meditation practitioner who wishes to learn how to fine tune and expand their capacity in practice. This course will cover several emotional and mental barriers that arise in meditation practice and tools for working with them. We will cover topics such as: trying too hard, spiritual bypassing, idleness, spiritual materialism, etc. Classes in this course include a 30 minute silent or guided sitting practice, Qi Gong, instruction given through interactive activities, daily life practices and meditation practices to do between classes.

This is a Tibetan Buddhist inspired meditation course. This is a practice oriented course, rather than a series of inspirational talks on Buddhist philosophy. Buddhist practice has a different aim than Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or meditation oriented towards achieving certain states of consciousness. This course would not be appropriate for someone seeking or in need of therapy.

Student Responsibilities: Do the daily 30-40 min meditation practice, as well as the daily life and movement practices given each week. Be willing to show up in class with questions. Be prepared to talk about your practice experience during the week. Please also be willing and know how to learn, be clear about your intention, and have established an interest in meditation. Please read these links responsibilities and relationship.