Travel – June 2020 Retreat

The One Who Is Not Busy Retreat- June 1-6, 2020

Contact Pat before you book flights!

The following information is for planning. 

  • Retreat Begins with check-in: 3:30pm Monday June 1
  • Retreat Ends after lunch: 1:00pm Saturday June 6

Driving:   You will need to account for the driving time + airport time when booking flights.

  1. It is a 3 hour drive from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Mandala Center
  2. There is major road construction on I-25 between CoSpgs and Denver.  You can be delayed for up to 2 hours between the two cities on I-25.  So in planning driving from DIA to Mandala Center, your drive can be anywhere from 5-7 hours
  3. It is a 3 hour drive from Santa Fe, NM to Mandala Center
  4. It is a 4 ½ hour drive from Albuquerque International Airport to Mandala Center
  5. Ride sharing from Colorado Springs is available (see below)


  1. The Major Airports are Albuquerque International, NM & Denver International, CO and Colorado Springs, CO airport.
  2. Arrivals – (the following is an estimate – please read drive times above)
    Arrival at DIA needs to be no later than 9:30/10:00 am, Monday 6/1
    Arrival at CoSpgs Airport needs to be no later than 11:00am Monday 6/1
  3. Departures – (the following is an estimate- please read drive times above)
    Departing flight from DIA no earlier than 7:30pm, Saturday 6/6
    Departing flight from CoSpgs Airport no earlier than 6:30pm Saturday 6/6
  4. Ride Sharing – We can offer ride sharing from Colorado Springs, CO. You need to be in Colorado Springs by 11:00am on Monday June 1 
  5. If flying into DIA – Ways to get from DIA to COS:
    1. a) Commuter Flights: between DIA & COS
    2. b) Rental Car: There is major road construction on I-25 between Denver and CoSpgs.  Your drive can be from 1.5-3 hours between DIA & CoSpgs.  Then from CoSpgs it is a 3-3 ½ hour drive to Mandala Center.
      So total drive time: 4.5-6.5 hours.
    3. c) Ride: We may have participants driving from Denver
    4. d) Shuttle service from DIA to COS on Groome Shuttle
  6. Overnight Stay: Consider coming a day before or staying a day beyond the retreat. We hope to offer overnight accommodations in CoSpgs before &/or after retreat.