Participant comments

The One Who is Not Busy – June 1-6, 2020

We are placing these comments here, because we understand that some of you need an idea of what others say after attending our retreats over the past 10 years.  In that spirit:

“Being face to face with these teachers and this warm Sangha gave me such joy.”

“The support of space held by Sangha allows deeper beliefs & emotions to surface.”

“The balanced framework that I learned on this retreat has taught me how to continue.”

“The topic, the mind-body integration, the teachers, the location, the food, the schedule…this is the best retreat I have ever attended.”

“I get set off by something on every retreat. I guess it is because once a day of retreat passes, I feel open, vulnerable & all that I had ignored is available. In the environment, with this community, with these teachers, I am willing to be in whatever comes up. I always leave with a deeper understanding and sense of joy.”

“Thank you Gail & Jeff for all of the time and energy you have spent developing yourselves apart from the mainstream-middle-class values….for going beyond your ordinary selves and for your willingness to show others the way.”