Scholarship Request

Scholarship Request – The One Who Is Not Busy – June 1-6, 2020

We are fortunate to once again offer retreat scholarship funds to offset expenses for practitioners who could use some assistance. For eleven years now, these funds have been put to good use by practitioners wishing to deepen their meditation practice in a retreat environment.  The retreat scholarship funds come from a few sources. Jeff and Gail have set aside funds from the donations they have received by teaching the previous year’s retreats.  We also have a few benefactors who are able to provide the means for others to attend retreat without financial concerns.

  • Please first fill in the application form for the retreat.  Due by April 1, 2020

We ask that you answer a few questions in applying for scholarship funds.

  1. What is the primary concern you have in asking for scholarship money?
  2. How has your meditation practice influenced your life? How do you foresee a five day retreat being of benefit to you and others?
  3. What would be the ideal amount you would like to receive in order to attend? What is the smallest amount that would allow you be able to attend?

Please copy and paste your responses, with your contact information into an email
Send it to our Gail & Jeff

We will decide upon scholarships by mid April, 2020