Retreat June 2020

The One Who Is Not Busy

June 1-6, 2020

  Open by application
Application due by April 1, 2020

$875+ Private room/board with bath*
$600+ Double room/board with bath*
+ Dana for teachers
*Scholarship funds available, details here

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Most of us take lifelong refuge in the eight worldly concerns.
They keep us busy.
We believe in busyness.
It has come to mean success, popularity, happiness…
Yet, most of us continue to be unsatisfied.

Who is the one who is not busy?

In this retreat, you will engage interactive and meditation methods to see, meet and possibly walk with the One Who is Not Busy.  We will look for, swing on and even practice stepping through the Three Gates to Freedom. Come with us for a few days, where there is no one to be, no place to go and nothing to be done. Take this opportunity to learn to unlock that which so easily remains closed.

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About our Retreats: You can rely on a fluent balance of sitting meditation, teaching, moving, solitude, interaction, laughter and storytelling.  Our retreats are held in silence, except for teaching and interactive sessions.  In this way, everyone has the opportunity to deepen their practice in a conducive environment.  Each participant has one private meditation consultation daily with one of the teachers.  There is time to schedule additional private sessions by request.   Please be aware, we hold our retreats without internet, cell phones, reading, or other distractions.  In these ways, we create a container for the undisturbed warmth of sustained practice.

About the Teachers: Gail Gustafson and Jeff Bickford have been teaching together for 25+ years. Their teaching emphasizes embodied practice, gleaned through the study of meditation & movement as paths to awakening. Gail and Jeff are two of the six teachers authorized by Ken McLeod. They continue to train in the Shangpa Kagyu traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and somatic awareness practices. They feel very fortunate to accept the role of retreat teachers once again this year. 

Thank you to the practitioners who have given us your trust and through whom we continue to grow, stumble and learn.

Please Contact Pat with questions and concerns.
If you do not hear from Pat in three days, then please Contact Us directly.