Movement & Meditation Monthly

gold-buddhaNew Format!!       Once a Month

This monthly movement and meditation class consists of a meditation session, an Awareness Through Movement® lesson & short instruction of how to continue to practice this month’s class in your daily life.

Some of the meditations will be guided by the teacher and others will give you pointers on how to direct your attention during the meditation session.  Learning & practicing meditation with a teacher prevents many misunderstandings, thus you can proceed with a solid foundation.

Moving with attention is an excellent way to enhance your meditation practice, to reduce stress & become present in all that you do.  Awareness Through Movement® Feldenkrais lessons are guided by a teacher.  There is no modeling, instead you follow the verbal instruction to expand your ability in awareness.  You learn by moving very slowly, doing less, insisting on ease, comfort & patience while paying attention to the quality of your mind.

Please join us!

When:  currently there are no classes scheduled
Where: new location downtown Colorado Springs, contact us below for details
Who:   open – please read these responsibilities
Cost:  $20 per class
Teachers:  Jeff Bickford and Gail Gustafson
Registration required:  contact us

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