Audio Course Info

Some of our meditation courses are offered to people who live at a distance.  This is done through audio recordings of the entire class.  If you do not want to be recorded, you need to tell us before you speak so that we can stop the recording.

How the audio course recordings work:
1.  Each participant is given a password to listen to the audio recording of the courses via our website link. *The classes are for participants only, they are not for public access or use.  In being given the password, you are agreeing to this privacy.
2.  The recording is posted online the evening or morning following the scheduled course date.  If you are a distance participant, we ask that you listen to the class as soon as possible.  *Each individual class is posted for the entire timeline of the course, so you can go back & listen later if you like.

Responsibilities of our distance participants
1.  Email us one time a week, at least three days before the next scheduled meditation class date.  We want to know about your practice, questions/concerns or anything you would like discussed in the next class.
2.  If you have a personal practice concern that needs immediate attention, let us know & we may request to talk in-person.
3.  We offer you one private meditation consultation during the course.  This is to support you as a practitioner & there is no extra fee.  This appointment can be with Jeff or Gail, your choice.

Responsible contact with other participants
In many meditation courses, we request in-person participants to contact an online participant at least 1x during the course.   Guidelines will be provided & a sign-up sheet will be distributed for this purpose.  We do not monitor these interactions.  This is a way to meet another practitioner & apply what you are learning.  We expect all participants to show up with respect, kindness and mindfulness.  An email list will be sent to you to set up a time with another participant.  We expect you to not misuse the email list or the discussion.

Please read these responsibilities and let us know you agree